Saturday, January 10, 2009

Game Day report from the basement o' doom.

Well, we have wrapped up our gameday here in Villa Rica Ga. Much fun was had and our first player character was killed towards the end of the session.

The players managed to clear out the rest of the first level of my small 3 level dungeon, fighting some skeletons, stirges, and a giant shrew. One of their NPC hirelings fell victim to a cobra bite - but the party made it down to the 2nd level intact.

Shortly after arriving they encountered a group of vicious rock baboons that managed to kill a fighting-man before being wiped out by the group.

We are playing Swords & Wizardry with some various house rules such as "Shields Shall Be Splintered". (Though oddly enough we forgot about that rule when the fighting-man went down to the baboon, doh!).

I will continue my game in two weeks, though I doubt we will play in the basement of doom again - as my house is not really a central location.

--Mike D.


  1. Second game blog I read today where a hireling was the first person to die in the dungeon - from poison!

    That old "instant death from poison" chesnut from old school D&D is probably the biggest killer of low level characters. In my recent campaign (that a blog about in a hidden-away from my players place called, a character would have died in the first game from a poisonous giant spider, but I have a general rule of not killing off characters in the first game. She did come away from the ordeal with a -1 vs. poison saves and a fear of spiders. Hey, you can't let them off too easy...