Monday, February 8, 2010

Ignorance is not bliss...

OK, for some 30 odd years I have been ignorant of Tekumel and the Empire of the Petal Throne. Oh sure, I knew it existed, but I never took the time to take a look at the setting or the rules (the original rules), until this weekend. After seeing Jeff's post about his wild EPT game at the Winter War Con, and now his talk of some of the rules - I decided to check it out. So, Saturday I ordered the pdf from Drive Thru RPG, and I am diggin' it.

I am so sorry I have missed out on this setting and rules-set for so long. I am even thinking of stripping the rules out from the setting and using it for a Ruins & Ronin type setting. Of course, Tekumel is all kinds of awesome too - but I would prefer a more personal setting - something of my own creation.

I especially like the d100 roll for attributes, being a long time Rolemaster fan d100 attributes are right up my alley. Being able to use d100 stats along with the normal D&D combat just sounds like heaven to me. I continue to read and absorb the pdf, and hope to post more thoughts about EPT later this week.


  1. Where does one track down the rules?

    I too grew up knowing of but ignorant to the splendor that was Tekumal.

  2. I got mine from:

    11 bucks for the pdf.

  3. I enjoyed the novels in the setting - The Man of Gold, and Flamesong. Only recently did I find out that there are others in the series too. From what I recall, the novels really did a good job of bringing his world to life, and it has a very different flavor than standard D&D/etc.

    Some links:


  4. Is it available in print still, even as print on demand? I love PDFs, but I'm trying to get books again :)

  5. Eli, have you tried Booklet Creator? It's pretty wicked in that it cuts page count down considerably. I've been converting a lot of PDFs over to print this way. I'm hoping to do some D&D modules that I picked up before the great WotC purge of '09. Mini modules!!

  6. You can find the older stuff on . There is a more recent edition on the site...from there:

    appears to have a wide range of things for sale, including possibly some of the older stuff too. Not sure if it is up to date.

  7. I'm a bit like you, Mike. I only got the original rules about a year ago, when Mike Mornard posted on about they actually used to play it back in the day: psychedelic John Carter. It's a pretty amazing piece of game design.

    There was some talk about making a generic rules-set based upon EPT, which Barker owns. But that seems to have gone dead.