Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boarding Action Update.

I am still working on updating Ruins & Ronin though most of that work right now is mental notes and a few scribblings in a notebook. However I got confirmation from my cover artist that he is working on the Boarding Action #1 cover - so that has re-kindled my desire to work on BA again.

So, I have already started doing some layout of the work I have already completed (even have one great piece of art already by Kelvin Green - you have seen his work in Fight On! - and it is spectacular).

So, now is the time to send any articles or art you would like to see in Boarding Action. I would like to have a deadline of Apr 1st, but we will see how that goes.

I am now starting the initial layout of Behemoth Level 1. I have already jotted down some background information about the star system and local planets closest to the derelict ship. I plan on presenting it as an old school game, you have a local town (or in this case floating city above a gas giant now mostly inhabited by out of work miners and drifters)and the nearby megadungeon (the Behemoth) to explore.


  1. Glad to hear that The Behemoth/Boarding Action is still in the works!

    Coincidentally enough, the gas giant in my AD&D solar system is called "The Behemoth" among other names, now I know how it acquired that tag.

  2. Now that Brave Halfling has bought X-plorers,has that had any effect on the Boarding Action project?