Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Creating my Tekumel underworld.

I recently got a copy of “The Best of the Journal: The Pettigrew Selections” for Tita’s House of Games. The underworld article is really cool for generating Tekumel based underworld sites so I decided to give it a go.

I decided that we are going straight out of the box EPT and this would be my Jakalla underworld “mega-dungeon”. So let’s get busy.

Rolling up the levels for my underworld, I rolled 1d10 and got a “1”. This gives me 7 levels as my underworld is under a true “metropolis”.

Starting with level 1, I roll 1d6 (+1 for 1st level) to determine the number of structures on this level. I get a “1” for a total of two. Then, rolling 1d20 for each I determine this level has a Shrine and a Temple. I roll a d6 plus modifiers for each and find that both have 5 rooms.

This means my shrine will consist of an Inner Shrine (s5), Inner Hall (s4), Outer Hall (s1), Prayer Room (s2), and an additional Prayer Room (s3).

My temple will consist of: Altar Room (t5), Inner Hall (t3), Outer Hall (t1), Storage Room (t2), and a Prayer Room (t4).

Rolling a 1d20, I get a “17” and find the shrine is dedicated to a “demonic being”, awesome. This seems like a cool theme for the 1st level of my underworld. I then roll another 1d20 and with a result of “2” find that the temple is dedicated to a god of stability. We have some conflict already on the 1st level.

Next I mapped out both structures, note that I have separate entries for both and both have further exits into the rest of the first level of my underworld.

Next, I plan to flesh out the rest of level 1 and begin stocking the level. Stay tuned.


  1. Yeah, so between playing in the game with you guys last week and reading today's post, I just ordered The Best of the Journal: The Pettigrew Selections from Noble Knight.

  2. It is worth it, just be sure to download the pdf chart that Chris posted at his blog. The most important table is missing from the book. :)

  3. I saw that chart on the Tekumel website. My need for instant gratification has me frustrated at the lack of PDF for the Pettigrew Selections. ;)

  4. Noble Knight has it? Awesome; I've been stymied for a year+ by the fact that the folks at Tita's House of Games never answer their phone when I call.

  5. Actually it looks like they are sold out now. Sorry.

  6. Do you think you'd like to take it out for a spin on Google+ sometime?

    @Blair -- have you tried emailing them? I ordered a bunch of stuff from them (well, it's one guy, really) last year, and it worked out fine.

  7. Does this mean we'll be seeing more work on Swords of Abandon? I'm not sure what you'd do about the monster list, but I'm seriously considering using a version of EPT divorced from its setting for my Uz stuff.

  8. @Jeremy: Perhaps, one day.

    @Evan: Not sure, for monsters I think you could easily use any version of any monster out there. I haven't touched SoA in some time. If I do go back to it, I would probably use 3-18 stats instead of 1-100 (like Humanspace Empires does).

  9. I actually like the percentile stats, but I'm a fan of percentile dice in general.

    The EPT bug seems to be going around on the blogs and it's making me want to tinker with Uz again mighty badly.

  10. Yes % does work well (I was big into Rolemaster in the 90's). :)