Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boarding Action : The Fanzine.

I would like to make Boarding Action a quarterly (or at the least a bi-annually) fanzine for X-Plorers RPG (and sci-fi rpg in general). Unlike the core rules, we are not going to make any assumptions about the setting, this could be a distant galaxy in an ancient time or the grim future where mankind makes war amongst the stars.

So, with that, I am now officially taking submissions at trampled.dwarf AT for anyone who is interested in contributing to this project. You can submit articles, npcs, missions, maps, art, etc. You will retain the rights to anything submitted, however Boarding Action will retain the rights to print the submitted article or art in it's original format in perpetuity (this just allows us to keep the magazine for sale as long as we like on Lulu).

I am currently working on fleshing out "THE BEHEMOTH", the derelict star ship ripe for plunder. Today I mocked up the below to get a feel for the layout of the levels aboard the massive ship. I would like to detail one level each issue much like Fight On! has done with "THE DARKNESS BELOW" mega-dungeon.

I have already been in contact with some artists to produce a cover and some interior art. So, do you have something to contribute? Please send me an email, and join the crew.

Or if you think I am out of my noggin, let me know that too.

Mike D.


  1. I am happy to see this anouncement but I am curious about a few points that could use some clarification.

    You are taking submissions for materials, but how will they be integrated into the project as a whole? Are these NPCs, encounters and maps to be used as a part of the main project or as appendices to the main project for use to season it or spice it up?

  2. This is great news, glad to see you are continuing to expand this project.

  3. Count me in! Artwork is on the way (I have been running Sci-Fi RPGs since 83' at least and have tons of stuff ready to go!).

  4. @Eli: The project is now a magazine, much like Fight On! So there is no central "project" - these maps, missions, npcs, etc. are things that any referee can use to drop into his game.

  5. Okay, I'm in.

    Will put the thinking head on over the weekend and mail you some ideas.

    - Neil.