Monday, January 11, 2010

Boarding Action: Alien Species - Fomorians & Lemurians

Edited to add Lemurians.

I have tried my hand at creating my first 2 alien species for the X-plorers rpg. The formorians are ogre-like humanoids that can only advance in the Soldier class. While Lemurians are nerdy ring-tailed lemurs and capable scientists (or any class really). Here are my write ups for both. (They can be both be downloaded here) and here.


Fomorians are large (2 to 3 meters tall) human-like aliens, that have strong powerful limbs and large sloping foreheads with a prominent eyebrow ridge. They could almost pass for neanderthals from human ancestry if not for their immense size.

Formorians were living in archaic tribal societies before they were encountered by humans over 100 years ago. Since then, they have been accepted into the graater galactic society.

These human-like aliens do not have the mental capacity needed to excel in most jobs, however they make excellent body-guards and soldiers.


Restrictions: Formorians may only advance in the Soldier class, they may not take any other class skills. Due to their stature, any armor or environment suit costs double the listed price for Formorian characters.

Attribute Adjustments: Formorians must add +2 to their Physique roll (to a maximum of 18), and must take a -2 to their Intelligence roll (to a minimum of 5). Fomorians are strong and healthy, however they are not the smartest aliens.

Bonuses: Fomorians receive a +2 to any saving throw invloving Physique, this represents their sturdy constitution and impressive physical strength. They also add +1 to any physical damage they deal through unarmed (martial arts) combat. Each time a Formorion rolls his hit dice, he also adds +1 to each die rolled.


Lemurians appear as slightly oversized lemurs from Terra. These creatures are highly intelligent and have achieved a rather advanced society. While they may appear as cute and cuddly, they can be dangerous fighters when cornered.

Lemurians are usually 1 meter tall with soft grey or white fur with black rings along their 1 meter long tail. They originated on a forest covered moon, and have adapted well to life among the trees.


Restrictions: Lemurains can advance as any class, however due to their unique size and stature they are unable to purchase any EXO powered armor. They also may not use any weapon above pistol size, as they do not have the reach to properly handle these weapons.

Attribute Adjustments: Lemurians must +2 to their Intelligence roll (to a maximum of 18), and must take a -2 to their Physique roll (to a minimum of 5). Lemurians are highly intelligent, however they are not as strong and sturdy as humans.

Bonuses: Lemurians have the ability to “cling” as explained in the creatures section of the main rulebook. Lemurians also get a +2 to Intelligence based saving throws. For any saving throws vs. Physique regarding climbing or jumping, Lemurians also get a +2 bonus and ignore any penalty they may have due to a low Physique score.


  1. I'm starting to get more interested in the X-Plorers game. I need to give it another look.

  2. I do not have a full copy of X-Plorers yet. Does the game have it's own races in it, or are you blazing new territory by creating races for it?

  3. The game is very human centered. It is about human explorers in space. I am going in a new direction with it here.

  4. Upon examining these races, I am a bit confused by the rationale used to prohibit Lemurians from having EXO Armor.

    I can understand that their stature might limit them with respect to handheld weapons but it seems that if the Fomorians can purchase armors at an extra expense to accomodate their large size, then couldn't Lemurians do the same with EXO Armor? Sure they'd end up driving it more than wearing it, but I think a similar price prhibition on armors is fair enough along with the weapon restriction.

  5. You could rule that for Lemurians sure, however they also have a tail that would need to be accounted for. :)

  6. Tiny one-foot tall monkey man has penty of room! :)

  7. Well it is form fitting armor and not a mech. :) Perhaps they cannot make the servo motors small enough to fit. Regardless, it is your world (or your ref's) do as you please with EXO armor and tiny monkey men. :)

  8. No worries there. I wasn't saying you were wrong or anything, just trying to understand the rationale. It's as good a rationale as any. One could argue that EXO armor made small enough for a Lemurian doesn't really count as EXO armor after scaling it down to his size.

  9. Mike,
    I really like the direction you are going with this. Please continue. One thing I wanted from X-plorers was more aliens options. Your stuff is fitting the bill nicely.

  10. Indeed, I like how you have approached the Aliens. There is a bit of an AD&D feel to it but I do not thing it's so detailed or fiddly that it undoes the simplicity built into X-P.

    In fact, I went to the X-P list over at Yahoo and compared against some of the other alien formats being done there and found yours to be the most appealing so far.