Monday, May 11, 2009

Twilight 2000 & Sandbox Play

Forgive me while I ramble a bit about a favorite game of mine...

The first edition of Twilight:2000 has always been one of those games I come back to time and again. I remember buying this game with birthday money on my 16th bday, way back in '86. (Yikes). I took this game with me to Ft. Sill Oklahoma when I was in Marine Artillery school in the winter of 89 too. There is just something about this game that really sparks my imagination and my love of all things military (easy to say now that I am no longer in the military).

I dug out my old worn box the other day and have been going over it's old goodness again. I wonder what it would take to do an old retro-clone of this game? Not sure if it would be worth the trouble as the PDF's are available at DriveThru Rpg as well as the compilation that FFE released a few years ago.

Anyway, I was thinking today that this game could be the ultimate sandbox type campaign - if you want to stick with the theme of stragglers of the U.S. Army 5th division stranded in Europe. I always played a more structured military game in the past, where there were still chains of command and players were part of units - and I think most of the T2K mailing list on yahoo groups plays in the same style mostly.

Of course, my Marine past always makes me want to use the RDF sourcebook with the 1st MarDiv in Iran. (I was in Golf Battery 3rd Bn / 11 reg / 1st Mar Div from 88-92). I may have to dig up some google maps of Iran and do a little sandbox creation. I could always throw infected "zombies" loose on them too - something like Apocalypse Now meets 28 days Later. :)

I would probably stick with Poland though, as I like the story of the destruction of the 5th division and it makes it easier to add different ranks, nationalities, and specialties in the mix. That and we can drop the chain of command, so players are more free to do as they want. Just as the game intended. Sadly I never really played it that way - and I am looking at this game in a whole new (albeit old school) light.

So, I will be re-reading the rules in the next week or so and posting thoughts on the old system. I can remember there were plenty of things I thought were "wrong" with the game - just have to remember this was not a hard-simulation of ground combat.


  1. I got to play Twillight 2000 twice and loved it - refereed by an ex-marine no less! I was a little too young and inexperienced at the time (was coddled by other players), but it is by default a pretty amazing sandbox. Recently acquired on of the later editions and really wanted to play again...
    Looking forward to your further thoughts!

  2. Twilight 2K was the game of choice when I was at Infantry Officer Basic Course in 1988. After I got out of the Army, I traded it in at a used gaming/slash bookstore and have been kicking myself for doing it for about the last ten years. I did manage to track a PDF down though, but I still wish I had my old box.

    I still keep saying one of these days I'm going to revisit that damn fine game.

  3. Just picked up a couple of used Modules a week or so ago - The Last Submarine and Mediterrian Cruise. T2000 is still a good game!

    I got it when it first came out in the early 80s and even conviniced my Junior High School Principle to allow a Twilight 2000 Club during the RPG religious ferver. I later picked up the 2nd Edition when it came out as well.

    The good thing is that the whole catalog is available in PDF now from the various Online Merchants. Plus there is the 3rd Edition in Print now - Twilight 2013 which updates the rules and the setting.

  4. I bought the 2nd edition rules too and most of the supplements for it. I didn't like the switch to single d10 for resolution but I did like the career paths.

    I have not picked up 2013 yet, I have read terrible things about their timeline. I will probably pick it up one day though.

  5. Ordered four T2000 modules from E-bay and they came in the Mail yesterday Hoody Hoo! They are Airlord over the Oszarks, Urban Guerrilla,

    In Twilight 2013, they bring back the Career Paths, though the PC gets to choose verses rolling, and they run the gamet from housewife and slacker to Military Truck Driver or Commando. Plus the 20-sider is back, actually you'll get to roll more than one if you have a high enough skill. As one person said on some of the mechanics are a, "d20 dice pool, pick lowest, roll under TN (target number) and tick-based combat where initiative is based on encumbrance)

    As far as the time line there some elements that might make you question things. But for the most part it is pretty good and gives the GM and players background on all areas of the globe depending on where they want to play.

    Last thing, in case your interested. Here are is the link to the Quick Start Rules for T2013 (though they're due for an update)