Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Local Area for my Ruins & Ronin Games

I have worked up a small local area map to use for any Ruins & Ronin games I run (which are exactly 0 right now). I have not touched the rules in a week or two, and really need to get cracking. If anyone out there would like to submit some art for this project, just drop me a line at trampled.dwarf AT

Regional Notes

0504 Goma: Small castle town, ruled by Daimyo Juro Matsumura (aged 86). Town's population is just over 400 people. Goma sits upon the northwest boundary of the Western Reaches of the Sun Empire. This mountainous region is largely unexplored and home to many foul creatures.

0404 Kuzo: A small mining village a few miles southwest of Goma. It falls under the protection of the Matsumura clan. This area has been under increasing raids by bandits for the last few weeks.

0505 Izo: Izo is a small castle town ruled by the Kuzeki clan. It sits upon the Black River, and borders the Black swamp on the southeast. The Kuzeki clan oversees the protection of many of the villages along the Black river and into the rugged foothills.

0506 Bukai: This small farming village falls under the Kuzeki clan's protection.

0507 Ryoko: This is the capital city of the Western Reaches, though small by most standards, it is the only city in this region. Home to some 5,000 people, it boasts a moderate sized guard force. The regional magistrate is Daimyo Hiro Namura. There have been recent Wako (pirate) attacks on ships plying the tradeways between the Western Reaches and the distant land of Mu (the mainland kingdom).

0604 Huzo: Small quarry town, responsible for most of the building stones in the region. Under the protection of the Kuzeki clan.

0605: Black Swamp: This reed plain is covered in black, brackish water, with thick stands of cypress trees, and dark bamboo thickets. It is home to a variety of creatures and mostly shunned by most folk.

0607 Fugai: A fishing/farming town under the protection of the Namura clan. They have also been under recent Wako raids.

0608 Zudo: Another prominent fishing community under the Namura clan. They too have been subject to frequent Wako raids.

0804 Duko: A small town in the rough foothills, under the protection of the Mizuno clan.

0805 Azuko: A small castle town ruled by Clan Mizuno the current Daimyo is Mako Mizuno.

0905 Muzo: A small timber town, this town collects and trades most of the timber for the region. The town is under the protection of the Mizuno clan.

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