Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Down the Mouse Hole!

So, I am itching to run some kind of G+ game in the Flail Snails universe, and recently I found a copy of one of the Mice Templar comics laying around in my basement hideaway. If that picture doesn't scream out good old D&D action, I don't know what does.

So my proposal is "Down the Mouse Hole". Here are the basic rules I whipped up this morning while listening to "The Sword".

Down the Mouse Hole Campaign Guide

This is a Flail Snails game, and as such players are encouraged to bring characters from previous expeditions to the Mouse Hole game. However, upon entering this realm, all characters are instantly transformed into Mice (also all equipment carried is transformed into mouse-sized gear). All classes are kept however, in addition the following is gained by each outside character joining the Mouse Hole game (these powers are lost when leaving this realm to adventure in another game):
       Darkvision (or Infravision – whatever you call it) to 30’
       Hear as Thief of current level (+1 level if already a thief)
       Climb as Thief of current level (+1 level if already a thief)

For players wishing to create a new character for the Mouse Hole game, character creation uses the Labyrinth Lord game with the following house rules:
        Roll abilities with 3d6 in order.
        Roll starting money with 3d6x10 (gp).
        The classes available are Fighting-Man, Thief,Cleric, and Magic-User.

If your character leaves this realm, he is transformed into a 3’ to 4’ “mouse-man”. Hope you aren’t mistaken for a were-rat. 

The first session will be centered on a dungeon called "The Vaults of the Vulture King".

I am thinking of running this game on Thursday evenings starting at 9:30 (eastern time) / 8:30 central and going for 2 to 3 hours each week.  I plan on starting Jan 19th.

Please post if you are interested and if I get too many I will randomly determine each week's player pool.

You can email characters to me at mike.davison317 AT gmail (dot com).

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