Thursday, April 28, 2011

My latest haul from Noble Knight Games....

Eager to try out my latest catch, I rolled up my first Tunnels & Trolls character for his turn in the Arena of Khazan...

Z'al Baaz (Human/Warrior)
ST 10  CON 7
IQ 10  DEX 11
LK 11  CHR 9
Personal Adds (Melee): +/-0
Ht: 6'1" / Wt. 200 lbs

Z'al was captured by slavers and sold to the arena... his story to follow.


  1. I'm looking forward to this. Arena of Khazan was the first RPG product I ever bought. God I feel old. I need to get another copy, but I can seem to get hold of here in the UK is the Corgi version. Shame. The artwork in the Flying Buffalo orginal is brilliant.

  2. Nice! You can still get some good deals directly from Flying Buffalo. I purchased the "Summer Special" that included a box set of T&T 5.5 ed., Catacombs of the Bear Cult, Mages Blood & Old Bones, Buffalo Castle, and Castle Ward.

  3. CON 7! I hope he will survive the Arena!

    I bet 10 Gold he lasts until fight number two.

  4. Good luck! I used to love those solo adventure.

  5. Z'al is a smear on the sand waiting to happen I'm afraid...

  6. Arena of Khazan is the one solitaire I don't have and would kind of like, as I'm told it has a lot of creative examples of SR use. Just waiting for the right deal on eBay.

  7. Yeah, I don't like your chances. I don't think Arena... is the place for new characters.

    Judging by the photo above, you got one of the old, spiral bound editions, which had to be published prior to 1981-ish. Now that's old school. Flying Buffalo updated the appearance of this solo around '82, I believe.