Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Working on a Traveller conversion.

I have started work on a fantasy version of Traveller (using the OGL and Mongoose's SRD). I have altered the skills somewhat, and have started stating up career paths (though I am not sure I will stick to 4 year terms). I never got to play Classic Traveller (and the other versions never interested me as I don't care for the OTU). I love the 2d6 method of Traveller however, and it should port well for a fantasy system. My only real hang ups will be magic and religion. I would just as soon keep the spells from D&D and port them over as is - somehow I need to tie them into the career paths...

It is a fun diversion.

We completed our 2nd session of Ruins & Ronin last Sunday. I had a near TPK. Only the female bujin survived a Nezumi-Oni ambush. The young ninja and fierce half-ogre fell to their wicked blades. New characters were rolled up and now we have our first Shugenja and a Headhunter in the party. They almost all died again on their 3rd trip into the mega-dungeon, however only the bujin retainer did not make it out alive for this foray. We stopped with them ready to assault the dungeon for a 4th trip. I have been liberal with the xp, so they are all 2nd level now.


  1. GMTA. I'm working on the exact same thing.

  2. Cool. We've been working on one for the past year. Books 1-3 are in rough draft playtest form if you are interested in taking a look! Glad to see more folks doing this!

  3. @Nathan: Of course :).

    @Ara Kooser: I would love to see your draft. Can you send them to me? Or are they on the web someplace? (my email is trampled.dwarf AT

  4. Get in line, Mike! ;)

    I'm eagerly waiting to see Ara's work. In the mean time I've collected some PDFs put together by Golan2072 from over at the Mongoose Traveller forum that covers skills, equipment, monsters/creatures. I can post up the links when I get home.

  5. Kind of ironic, given the original edition of Traveller was based organisationally on OD&D, but an interesting exercise nonetheless... what "sword+1"-specific stuff will be in it? So that it's not just another generic clone...

    Says he who wrote a Fighting Fantasy/Basic D&D mashup-nostalgia FRPG:

  6. Hey, sounds like a great idea. I'm a huge fan of CT, and would like to give it a try as a skill-based frpg.