Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to basics (and expert).

Since I have been playing in the B/X skype game ran by Patrick (Ode to Black Dougal), I have decided to re-read both Basic & Expert cover to cover. I won't promise any great revelations or insight from reading these books again - but I may post a thing or two as I read them (perhaps things I have forgotten since I last played this version of the game). I know one thing, it was fun playing this version again over skype. I look forward to our second session.


  1. As I have been doing the same thing recently (as I had to reread a lot to prepare for running a simple D&D one-shot), the immediate thing I realized is that I had forgotten that Basic rules allowed you to lower skills by 2 point to raise prime requisites by 1. Kinda takes away the "curse" or rolling 3d6 straight up, unless you rolled a hopeless character.

  2. And another gem I forgot....

    page B19: "RESTING: after moving for 5 turns, the party must rest for 1 turn... If characters do not rest, they have a penalty of -1 on "to hit" and damage rolls until they DO rest".

    How many times have people actually enforced this rule when crawling through a dungeon?