Friday, February 13, 2009

My latest additions...

A friend of mine was selling his old gaming stuff and thought I might be interested in his D&D stuff. Uh, hell yeah I was. The character sheets are unused and the book is still complete. Very nice. I am giddy. Some of it is duplicates for me (like Tomb of Horrors, and White Plume Mountain) but most of it I never had as a kid but have always wanted (like UK2 / UK3). The Greyhawk box set is a duplicate but is in much better condition than mine.


  1. UK2 is good. UK3, if it's The Gauntlet, rocks on toast! Watching the looks on the players' faces when they discover that their typical dungeon romp has been turned on its head, and instead of sacking the castle they now have to defend it, is a thing of pure joy. ;)

  2. Yes UK3 is the Gauntlet. Looks awesome.

  3. Nice pile of fun there. Heck even repeats are fine. I've bought dupes of mods and such before, forgetting if I actually already had the darn thing or not at home. Crazy, I know, but if they are cheap enough (or free), no harm done.

    Anyway, nice procurement there bro.

    (word verification: "aingon"...I just might use that as a character name: Aingon the Accredited)