Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ruins & Ronin Still Rolling Along

My Ruins & Ronin supplement for Swords & Wizardry is still rolling along. I have completed most of the base classes, the weapons, armor, and equipment tables. I have put together a play-test draft text (here) for anybody that wants to test run the system. I will be running it for my local group on November 30th if all goes well. If you do happen to download it and use it, send me any feedback you have for it.

I am currently working on the monster/creature side of the setting - one that will probably require the most work.


  1. Neato, always a fan of Oriental RPG's but never found (in person) anyone else so inclined. Of course lots of dweebs want to play ninja but no none actually wants to play in an oriental milieu.

  2. everything about that PDF. Great job, Mike.

  3. Have you worked up any Japanese monsters? (Aside from Kenku and Ogre Magi, I can't really think of any that made it into the early editions of the game.)