Friday, March 20, 2015

Ruins & Ronin Update & News

We are currently waiting on the proof copy of the original Ruins & Ronin to arrive through Drive Thru, once that is back and we are happy with it, it will be available in print again. Just a note to anyone who already has a copy, this copy is the same except for the addition to the acknowledgements of Scot Hoover who contributed some great magic items over on the Swords & Wizardry forums back in 2009/2010. I apologize again for missing his name in my first edition.

In other news, I am working on an updated Ruins & Ronin, tentatively called Deluxe Ruins & Ronin. This edition will use Labyrinth Lord as the base system and there will be changes to the classes (some new, some remain the same). My current thinking is to make this book a 6x9 digest sized hard cover.

This version will have art, unlike my first book (when I could only afford a cover image). I also plan to add domain (high level) play material such as building castles, monthly & yearly event tables, and new spells, monsters, and magic items.

I plan to use the blog to keep regular updates of my progress, and will post sneak peeks from time to time. Today, I present the Gakusho class. The new priest class, this is a final draft (and test of my layout for 6x9 in InDesign).

The art is just a filler from a google image search - and will not be used in the book.

I am really excited to be working on a personal project again (in addition to the layout work I am doing for Hydra Cooperative).

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