Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Drums in the Deep

I have resolved to focus on one personal project this year, and have chosen to go back to Dungeon Delving in Middle Earth. I am digging out my notes and working on a character creation pdf, though I am changing the name to "Drums in the Deep". 

Today I was thinking of articles I could write to support this, and one of those is the idea of playing as Orcs - always fun taking a turn as the bad guys. So, I have churned out a quick name generator that should give an ok sounding orc name. Roll a couple of d20's and name that orc!

Orc Name Generator
1d20 First Part of Name 2nd Part of Name
1 Bag bag
2 Baz bog
3 Bul bug
4 Dur cur
5 Gar dog
6 Grim dreg
7 Grish hook
8 Gur maggot
9 Hum nak
10 Jag rat
11 Kar retch
12 Kur rot
13 Lurg snot
14 Mug sod
15 Shag sot
16 Shug spew
17 Snag spit
18 Tor tooth
19 Yak torn
20 Zag urka

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