Thursday, October 2, 2014


Like the new season rolling in, my ADD gamer brain has turned its attention to Vietnam or military rpg. I am currently reading Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes, a novel about Marines in Vietnam. Being a lover of military history - especially the Vietnam era (and a former Marine to boot), my brain screams at me - Run A Game About Vietnam!. So I oblige my brain for the moment and drag my old Palladium Recon & Advanced Recon out of the basement (along with a game called Ranger - which is a solo game of patrolling). 

Next, I go ahead and make a map for an AO (area of operations) with 3 firebases in a fictional map of Vietnam.

So, if the mood strikes, at least I am prepared to do something about it...


  1. I just picked up Advanced Recon before moving to Paraguay, but left it behind in Seattle. Hope to get to it when I return.

  2. I ran a campaign of Palladium's Recon in High School and College, we had a lot of fun with it!