Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eonia maps from an old Rolemaster campaign.

Back in 2002 or so, a friend of mine ran 2 Rolemaster campaign in a world he called Eonia. I found a small bit of map of his the other day and it re-kindled my interest in that old game. So I sent him an email to ask if he still had the maps (they were made in the original Campaign Cartographer software - so they were old). 

Not only did he still have the files, he had a website he created for his personal use on the laptop he brought to the game sessions. Anyway, he sent me the files, and other than some names I don't care for, these maps are a thing of beauty. They show their age as far as computer mapping goes, but something about them really works for me.

So, if I ever run the new D&D, I will use the following map and the Forgotten Lands, and the city of Riverjun as the starting area. I don't know what scale he used, but for me, the hexes are 1 league (roughly 3 miles in my version of Eonia).

I will post more of his maps later, if anyone has any interest.


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  2. [corrected comment]
    Very cool map!! However, I am not sure having the land blue and the sea brown was the best idea. Too a little while for my brain to adjust.

  3. Do you have contact information? I have a few questions about R&R when you get time, can you shoot me an email: ancientvaults at gmail dot com