Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Space Hulk

A small peek at the maps of Level 1. This is not the point crawl version of the space hulk but the megadungeon version.


  1. I can't really see because of the size of the pictures, but what are the notations on the edges of the maps? Grid coordinates or something?

    I'm always interested in peoples mapping techniques

  2. They are numbered 1 - 10, the premise being that the outside "edge" of the space hulk will be hit randomly but the boarding craft. So I roll 1d30 (or 1d10 and 1d3) to determine the starting area of the boarding party. So it could be that no crew boards from the same location, so mapping might be an issue. : )

    1. That is an awesome idea ... I'll have to figure out how to pilfer it effectively for my megadungeon game :)