Friday, February 25, 2011

My d6 based ramblings

I have been interested in working on a d6 based game (much like what was done with Spellcraft & Swordplay and The Big Brown Book games), and lately the armor classes have been on my mind. I want something that can be used for any period (especially the ancient) so I don’t want to tie my armor classes to the typical D&D Feudal setting of the late Middle Ages.

Part of my inspiration has been the Osprey Publishing table top game “Fields of Glory”. They have 4 categories of armor: Unprotected, Protected, Armored, and Heavily Armored. Working with this terminology, it was easy to devise the base armor classes for my game:

AC 9 : Unprotected

AC 7 : Protected

AC 5 : Armored

AC 3 : Heavily Armored

This allows you to place your game in any time of history (well prior to the modern era I suppose) with ease. Now to further breakdown the above classes, I defined them as:

Unprotected = No armor or shield used

Protected = Shield OR Light Armor Only

Armored = Shield + Light Armor OR Heavy Armor Only

Heavily Armored = Shield + Heavy Armor

Again I stayed with generic terms so we can place the game in any setting still. Now it is up to the individual Game Master to determine what constitutes Light & Heavy armor. If I was going to use a setting like the early Roman Republic, I would go with:

Light Armor = Linen, quilted/padded, or Soft Leather

Heavy = Mail, Rigid (Boiled) Leather, Scale.

In my system, attacks are 2d6, and to hit a target you roll less than (or equal to) their AC number.


  1. I've been planning an Iron Age style campaign and have been undecided about what to do with armour classes. This may just be the solution I need. Thanks.

  2. Now that is really neat. Like that a lot. Very simple, very good.

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  4. I'd really like to see some one bite the bullet and do a honest to god d6 system i.e. roll only d6 for resolution in combat etc no combination of d6's just 1d6.

  5. Gumshoe uses a single d6 resolution roll.

  6. You might want to look at Woodland Warriors by Simon Washbourne (thread on the OD&D board). He's gone with d6 only for simplicity. His starting point was S&W Core.

    - Neil.

  7. I like d6, but two makes for both simplicity plus allows for averages. I think it's the best of both worlds. I'd I've been working on something like that, but haven't gotten very far. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.