Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EPT Rules without the Petal Throne...

I have been slaving away the last couple of days on a player's handbook for 1975 rules for Empire of the Petal Throne without the references to EPT. Basically just a new clone using those rules for gaming. I hope to complete this document this week and put it up for download. I really like the way characters are generated and handled in this version of the game (especially the skills/spells generation for priests and magic-users). I also dig the damage dice used by fighting men in combat (and to a lesser extent priests & magic-users).

Not sure if anyone will find it useful, but it has been fun putting it together.


  1. She loves me (pluck), she loves me not (pluck). . .

    Sorry, I just had that mental image since you are dissecting EPT.


  2. Sounds brilliant-- one of those "wish I had the time/energy to do myself"mind of projects.

  3. It has definitely become a labor of love. I am making progress though and I think it looks pretty good so far.

  4. There are some great mechanics in EPT esp. given the period (twice brilliant as an OD&D variant): a great and simple skills system; "exploding dice" critical hits; great, interesting spins on the magic user and cleric, etc...

    But yet it feels it misses something minus the sheer immense imaginative nuttiness that is Tekumel.

  5. This is AWESOME news! I'm very excited about this!

  6. Given that I've given up on getting my hands on EPT, and from everything I've heard about it I'd likely love the system but hate the setting, I am looking forward to downloading and reading this.