Friday, September 18, 2009

OK, you caught me.

While I have been going on about Bronze Age adventures, I am really more interested in the late bronze / early iron age Roman republic age. I have been casting about for the rules I want to use, and have narrowed it down to RuneQuest (because, let's face it, it screams ancient) and Spellcraft & Swordplay by Jason Vey (a really cool game). I have almost scrapped the idea of an all hobbit filled culture (though I may come back to that one day).

Looking at the armor tables for Spellcraft & Swordplay, I would alter it a bit for my age as follows:

None AC 1
Linen / Soft Leather AC 2
Boiled Leather / Bronze Breastplate AC 4
Chain Shirt (Lorica Hamata) AC 5
Shields give a -1 to one attacker / round

This is using the deluxe rules and optional shield rule from Monstrous Mayhem. Otherwise, I would leave the weapons table as it is.

Now I think I will work up a river valley map using the random terrain generation (much like Al has done here.)


  1. You might want to take a look at Zenobia as a resource. It's a rules lite system, but covers the cultures around the Mediterranean/Mid-Eastern World around 260 AD.

    I'd forgotten about it until I read your original Bronze Age post and spent a day trying to find it again. You might want to grab it quick as Geocities is going away sometime in October.

    I believe that there might be a lot there you could use... I'm even toying with the idea of expanding the Rules System a bit and running a Bronze Age Campaign myself.

  2. Duh... Sorry, here's the link...

  3. Thanks Todd, actually someone beat you to it in the last post's comments. I have downloaded it and it looks pretty cool.

  4. Aha, Bronze-Age impostor!

    Actually, I know what you mean. While I'd want to keep my Bronze-Age setting firmly in a ~2,000 BC analogue time frame, the original inspiration for the idea was also HBO's Rome. That show was so chock-full of great ideas, and it's non-medieval viewpoint on the world and how this affected the actions and worldview of the PCs, really got my GMing vibe in high gear.

    A note about Zenobia, though. It appears to be a great game, but the core rules alone are 226 pages, plus many more for the supplements. If you're looking for a "lite" game, this isn't it.

  5. Just wondering if you've seen this:

    Its a Basic Roleplaying supplement for Republican Rome.

  6. @Nick: Yes, I have seen that Rome supplement but I have not bought it yet. I am not a huge BRP fan however.

    @Badelaire: Yes, HBO's ROME was simply fantastic. I am in the middle of season 2 again (for at least the 3 or 4 viewing).

  7. Doh! If YOU are not going to do the bronze age hobbit culture, I will! I still think it sounds cool...
    : (

  8. @JB: I am still thinking about that one. It has just moved to the back burner. But feel free to develop yours, and then mine can make war upon yours! With our chariots pulled by ponies and our composite short bows and slingers.

  9. The old "boiled leather breast plate" is a contentious issue, as there is almost no evidence for such things in the ancient world. It is the subject of the great lorica musculata debate. Stiffened linen armour on the other hand, was apparently widespread in the form of linothorax, and probably quite effective. Just mentioning it in case you care about such things.

  10. I think you dropped AC 3 in your post, Mike.

    Anyway, I've done almost the exact same thing in my Spellcraft & Swordplay Dark Sun thing. I have:

    AC 1 Naked
    AC2 Leather, Padded, or similar
    AC3 Studded (whatever)
    AC 4 Chain
    AC 5 Plate

    On the other hand, I have been trying to mes with the Weapon vs. AC Chart for ages and it keeps kicking my ass. :)

  11. Not to sound too heretical, but I would run this with Savage Worlds, there are a few good takes on this on the PEGINC/Great White forum. This could easily be run with just the Savage Worlds Explorer's Guide and the Fantasy Companion, a slick core game and supplement for under $30.

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