Monday, April 13, 2009

More of the end...

I have been working on more of my character classes for my "The End" setting - though I am not sure I will keep that name. Anyway, this is my zombie apocalypse setting (based heavily on my love of the Romero zombie genre and too much playing Left 4 Dead on the PC).

I have been tinkering with the scholar class, which is my tech wizard. They are able to build and repair tech based on their level. I have also changed the S&W Saving Throw, to the new "Scavenging Throw". This is the target number you must roll on 1d20 to find items you are scavenging for (be it bullets, medicine, or tools). Each class has a bonus based on the items they scavenge for.

I have also updated my previous classes (Gunslinger and Medic), all can be found at the below links or on my sidebar.

Gunslinger (v1.1)
Medic (v1.1)
Scholar (v1.1)

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