Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the OD&D wagon.

I have decided to work on a campaign world using the OD&D rule-set (mostly), however I will be house ruling a lot. I have already decided that I want to use a 2d6 method for combat resolution and will be posting more on that later.

This is just a quick post to put some content on the new blog. There is much to be done, so hopefully I can post more in a day or so.

--Mike D.


  1. Sounds groovy! By "2d6 method" are you talking about the Chainmail charts or something else?

  2. Not sure, most likely a heavily house-ruled Chainmail system.

  3. One thing to point out with 2d6 resolution, although I'm sure you're aware of it, is that bonuses have a larger impact on resolution than with 1d20, especially in the fat part of the curve. I've thought for a while now that OD&D's miserly bonus scheme makes a lot more sense with 2d6.

  4. I'll be interested to see what you come up with for the 2d6 scheme. I always loved the idea of having to roll equal to or lower than the target's AC with 2d6 in order to score a hit. Realizing that this is where the 'upside down' AC system and the original 2-9 range came from makes the Chainmail system alluring for me.

    How it actually meshes with an ongoing campaign is what has derailed my attempts to come up with good 2d6 combat rules.