Friday, February 22, 2013

Medieval France Mapping Project

I have started mapping all of France using hexographer, mostly because I think it would be fun - and perhaps to use it in a future game. Regardless, I have so far completed about 30 or so maps of what will eventually require a few hundred - I know, that is crazy.

Here is a map with the grid I am using, the slashes represent maps that are already completed, I have saved them as hxm files and png so I can print them easily, then I will trim them to match borders and tack them to my basement (game) room wall.

I have not placed any towns, castles, cities, or villages on any of these maps, they are pure landscapes currently (and probably not very accurate other than coast lines). But they are useful for gaming purposes.

Once I get them finished, I plan to share these with the community.


  1. Oh, share them before. ;) That way you could maybe get some usable feedback... :)
    How many miles to the hex? 6, 8, 24?

    1. I believe he's doing large 5 mile hexes with 1 mile subhexes.

  2. Yeah, I'd love to see one of the hex maps in progress, too. This is a super cool (and ambitious) project.

  3. OK, you can download the current files from my sideba (France Mapping Project), this is a zip file with all the hxm and png files currently completed.

    Here is a direct link:

  4. I love stuff like this. Well done.

  5. Hey, I am actually beginning to work on a similar thing for the Loire river valley. I'd be happy to share my results once I really get to work on it. Where did you get that cool underlying map?

    --James N.

  6. Hi James, I found it doing a search for topo maps of France, send me an email at mike.davison317 AT and I will send it to you (with and without the grid - which I added).

  7. You do read Alexis's blog right?

  8. I had forgotten about his maps, but mine are much smaller scale - and can be edited by anyone with hexographer - so not a lot of overlap. His maps are very cool however.

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