Sunday, July 15, 2012

Normandie Starting Area Map

I have been battling my inner ADD Gamer demon of late, and finally said "Fuck it, I am going to run Normandie". It is the most developed setting I have, and people seem to be attached to their jousting knights, so why not?

I have drawn up a map of the starting area, the castle town of Ar'Gentan which is just south of an old black water lake. In this lake there is an island known as the Fist of the First Men. The local fisherman of Noir-Lac (very creative, I know), shun this island and dare not set foot on it, as they claim it is haunted.

Old ruins can be seen along the shorelines, crumbled stone walls and the central hill (called the Knuckle) has what appears to be the ruins of a castle.

As I currently play in games on Tue & Thu, that only leaves a few days open to run. I am thinking of running on Sunday evenings at 9:30pm (eastern time). 

Who wishes to be in the player pool?

This game will be run on G+ as a hangout.


  1. I've been kind of looking for G+ game to join- what would it take?

  2. A character is all you need, my rules are based on OD&D and a campaign guide is here:

    1. Okay! Marie d'Évreux, acolyte and adventurer, is ready to go. Keep me updated!

  3. I would be interested more details please. PS I do really like you campaign guide.

  4. I am actually really excited about bringing Sir Bram into a more realized environment! Please keep me informed!

  5. I have Sunday night open, and this is how I want to spend it :)

  6. I really enjoyed the jousting events you held! A campaign would be awesome!